CoTrac for taxi.

CoTrac for taxi.

The taxi business is growing tremendously in Africa and CoTrac like always is glad to protect and support the interest of investors whose vehicles are used for the service.

Our service to taxi investors are in two categories:

Flexible Repayment:We acknowledge the effort individuals make when they use their cars to help others get to their destination safe in their city.

To ensure their cars remain safe, we support them with a bargained cost on our tracking service at N45,500 for basic plus package instead of N57,750 with no initial deposit and an option to pay back in 90 days.

Taxi premium: The taxi premium package is specifically designed to help vehicle owners whose vehicles are used for taxi handle the challenges associated to collecting weekly rental payments from the driver renting the vehicle while still getting daily email reports of all operational activities of the vehicle the previous day.

This innovation is made possible by the CoTrac billing gateway.

The CoTrac billing gateway is a billing feature that is integrated into the CoTrac satellite trackers that allow fleet managers to charge or receive rental payments seamlessly from their customers.

How does it work?

  • The billing gateway is configured to receive rental payments or redeem loan repayments via the CoTrac dedicated billing link.
  • The user will be issued a dedicated username and password to access the billing portal.
  • The billing system is required to expect payments on specific days of the week or month. In the case where payment isn’t received, the billing server automatically locates the vehicle via satellite and instantly demobilizes the engine of the vehicle.
  • As soon as the billing server eventually receives payments, the billing server automatically re-enables the vehicle engine to active mode.

The CoTrac billing system receives each payment done via the gateway and charges 10% as processing commission while the balance gets transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary.

The Taxi premium plan is available at no cost to the vehicle owner. It is a better way to help investor succeed.

Our team of business developers will be glad to discuss your solution needs with you.

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