CoTrac Starter Package

The starter pack plan is a solution designed for individuals who are primarily bothered about car theft.

This package is a budget solution that gives the subscriber an assurance of recovery anywhere in Nigeria and 16 countries in Africa.

Other features of the starter pack include;

  • Location via, Mobile Wap and Internet: This function allows our subscribers to instantly locate their cars via their mobile phone, tablet or Internet-enabled computer.
  • Real-time Internet Tracking: Our server guarantees our subscribers enjoy up to 30secs real-time location tracking of the movement of their vehicle either via an internet-enabled tablet or the internet.
  • History playback of vehicle movements in the last 180 days: The history playback feature allows our subscriber enjoy a 2D playback of the movement of their vehicle for the last 90days or more. This shows you enjoy a detailed route playback of the movement of the vehicle in history.
  • 24 hours toll-free vehicle theft recovery: CoTrac runs a dedicated toll-free vehicle theft and recovery command center that allows us to speed up recovery of stolen cars.

Why do business with us

We reinstate that we are professionals and are duly registered with the Nigerian Communications Commission. We have acquired a concrete track record and a large existing customer base to prove it. Our Satellite tracking hardware is built with heat absorbing materials making it ideal for the Nigerian harsh weather. Configured with the latest GPS chipset, our satellite hardware is capable to guaranteeing unmatched communication with satellite in the orbit while still remaining hidden from the suspicion of car thieves.

Installation is available nationwide.

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