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You can track your vehicle using our mobile app “cotrac vehicle’’ which is available for iOS and Android, you can also track using a computer by visiting www.cotracnigeria.com/tracking
The vehicle and the vehicle registration papers
Yes we do and it is called “cotrac vehicle“, available for iOS and Android
Our tracking devices installed in your vehicle captures the vehicle current location data and send it to you real time
Yes we can send our installers over to your location, but we would like the vehicle to be in a secured area
We track all kind of vehicles from motorcycles, motor cars, trucks, boats and ships too
As soon as you notice that your vehicle got stolen, you are to inform the Police, and then give us a call so that we can begin the recovery process
We have a recovery team on standby 24/7
You can call our lines anytime you need technical support
You can disable your vehicle engine using the app or better still place a call to our control center on 07069689286
The installation process is done by our professional installers securely
Our tracking devices have inbuilt battery that keeps the device running for up to 12 hours after the vehicle battery head has been removed
Do you have provision for affiliates?
Less than 2 hours for a vehicle
We offer onsite training to employees; we also have a well equipped training room in our office
We monitor our clients’ vehicles on the gateway 24/7, that way we are able to know vehicles that are not responding properly and thus schedule a maintenance check
The vehicle remains active for a short while until NCC terminates the communication, failure to renew on time puts your vehicle at risk
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