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Satellite tracking since 2005

CoTrac is a professional fleet management company with proficiency with the use of satellite tracking technology to find stolen cars anywhere in Africa while still supporting enterprise in different sectors manage the day to day operations of their fleet in real-time.

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Get your vehicle tracked.

You have the opportunity to get your vehicle tracked with the latest tracking technology from CoTrac on a flexible repayment plan.

Recommended for individuals.

Starter Pack

The starter pack is a perfect option for individuals who are bothered about the safety of their cars.
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Flexible repayment available
Recommended for small businesses.

Basic Package

The basic package is a best seller for individuals interested in extra details about the activities of their vehicles.
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Flexible repayment available.
Recommended for a fleet managers.

Basic Plus Package

The basic plus plan is a smart solution for fleet managers who need to keep an extra eye on the activities of the fleet.
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