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CoTrac is a leading brand in satellite tracking solutions.We provide leading edge solutions to businesses and organisations in order to help them overcome problems associated with security,transport,trade and cost management. Founded in 2005 by veterans of the industry, our objective is to create solutions matched with professional service for our subscribers to succeed in view of the hard times.

Vehicle Theft and Recovery for Individuals

CoTrac starter package @ N35,070
Over the years, we have created a strong foundation for a reliable vehicle theft and recover package for our customers. Our level of experience gives us an edge to provide installation services to model of cars including very complicated modern cars.   Our objective is to make it more affordable for more people to secure their cars. All our vehicle tracking packages comes fitted with roamed SIM cards making it possible for us to have real-time visibility of stolen cars taken out of the Nigerian borders across 16 countries in Africa and 23 countries in the world.

tractor management system

Cotrac tractor system @ N57,750
Our tractor management system is a reliable alternative for most fleet managers. Our experience working with Tractor Owners and Hiring Facilities Association of Nigeria (TOHFAN) since 2014 has enabled us design our tracking hardware to sooth the tropical weather. Our turkey reports enables fleet managers access critical information that will help them make informed decisions as it regards activities of their tractors on the farm.

fleet management

CoTrac Basic package from N45,045
For individuals who crave for an extra information from their tracking system, the CoTrac basic and basic plus package gives them the best experience. This package is recommended for both individuals and corporate subscribers.


a smart choice

The CoTrac vehicle tracking and recovery service is built on a decade long experience with more than 653 recoveries since inception. We boast of the best service at lowest cost, which guarantees affordability for very income earner.

The renewal charge on our tracking packages allows us manage the data on the SIM card allocated for your tracking service while guarantying 24/7 monitoring service to all our subscribers.

We take vehicle safety very seriously and our experience backed up with exceptional customer support differentiates us with the competition. We firmly believe that if we can get more people to track their vehicles, we would rid our society of all forms of crime such like RAPE, ARMED ROBBERY, KIDNAPPING and all forms of acts of TERROR.

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